Tom House
Former Major League Pitcher

Over the past several months we have used [light therapy] to treat pain, inflammation and injuries related to pitching. It's my opinion that the therapy does speed rehabilitation and recovery related to these conditions.

Dr. Dennis M. Nigro

There is little question that this technology has a beneficial, sometimes profound, influence... The results so far are very encouraging.

David Cahn, M.D.
San Jose, CA

As a busy Family Practice M.D., of over 20 years, I am excited as to the many applications of LightMD's Lightsource, that I have incorporated into my practice. The machine has been invaluable in expediting healing and well being of my patients for a myriad of appropriate health concerns. I would absolutely recommend this machine to all practitioners.

Trent Dilfer
Professional Football Player for 14 Years
Superbowl Champion with the Baltimore Ravens

In a sport like football it is critically important to treat injuries properly, and even more important to stay ahead of injuries. Without ART I would not have been able to play as long or effectively as I did. It dramatically reduces pain, and keeps performance up. And now with the addition of LightMD's light therapy, ART works faster, and more completely. After 20 minutes of LightMD and then ART, I had complete range of motion, and no pain, ready to resume workouts.

Drs. Ron and Heather Andelora
Tucson, AZ

LightMD's Lightsource has been a great addition to our office. We have been using it consistently in our office for almost 2 years. It paid for itself within 3 months. It is wonderful for reducing inflammation, increasing circulation and accelerating the healing process in many types of conditions. It is easy to apply, feels great and patients really enjoy receiving it. We highly recommend this technology for your office.

Mike Martini, DC
Pittsburgh, PA

Approximately a year and a half ago, I nearly lost my dad to the elevation in Denver, Colorado. My parents' took a plane trip from Pittsburgh to visit my sister, not thinking of how it may affect my dad's breathing ability. My dad has severe emphysema and his lungs could not withstand the trip to the "Mile High" city. Upon landing, he was rushed to the emergency room and spent approximately 2 weeks in the hospital. One of the cardiologists actually offered my mom his condolences, believing that he wouldn't make it. He was wrong. With each passing day, my dad got stronger. Once we were able to get him back to my sister's home, Dan Schell offered to make the trip from Colorado Springs to Denver to introduce my dad to the "LightMD Lightsource" machine. It was the start of something very positive. In January 2012, I began to treat my dad with light therapy. For one full year, I treated my dad 125 times utilizing specific treatment protocols given to me by Dan Schell and Dr. Joe Leahy. Over the last year, my dad had experienced an approximate 30-40% improvement with his condition. I feel that with an increase in exercise, proper nutrition, and light therapy, my dad will continue to achieve gradual overall health improvements.

Aimee Anaya Everett
National Champion Weightlifter

I have never found a supplement to my chiropractic care that has worked as quickly and effectively as LightMD's Light Therapy. As a competitive athlete, being in the gym every day training at the highest intensity possible is very important. LightMD's Lightsource has been an absolute blessing in healing weekly aches and pains in my wrist, knees, and hip. It is a fantastic device that I can't imagine being without.