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For a year and a half I had all the top brand lasers in my office and wondered what I was doing wrong because they didn’t work that well. After one day with LightMD, I realized this technology was light years ahead of lasers. The results were amazing, and now I run two machines all day. It takes about three months to completely pay for the machines.
Dr. Joe Leahy, 49er Team Doctor
As a busy Family Practice doctor for over 24 years, I have incorporated LightMD’s LED machine for over five years. During this time, my patients and I have been excited with the myriad of ways in which it has helped people heal faster.

In addition to treating acute and chronic conditions, there are protocols for maintaining and promoting wellness and health prior to illness. There are over 121,000 research studies listed on pertaining to LED treatment. LightMD’s LED machine is the only available machine with FDA approval for osteoarthritis, pain, circulation, and warmth. Additionally, aside from its FDA approval for safety, its optics are the only LED machine that are also FDA approved.

I would absolutely recommend this device, as an important addition to one’s practice.

David Cahn, M.D, Board Certified Family Practice | San Jose, CA