Why LightMD?

Learn about our advanced photobiomodulation therapy.

Relief Made Easier

LightMD’s PBM Therapy System™ is a medical-grade device that uses the latest in LED technology to provide full-spectrum red and infrared light to the body for the purpose of providing effective relief and reducing recovery time. Learn how PBM Therapy works.

What Puts Us Ahead

There are many reasons why our technology has excelled in getting results.
Think you’ve heard about phototherapy before? Not like this, you haven’t.

FDA Approved

Our PBM Therapy system is FDA-Approved since 2015.

We are the first to achieve FDA-Approval for the purpose of elevating tissue temperature; for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis, sprains, strains, and muscle spasm, as well as back, neck and shoulder pain; relieving stiffness; promoting the relaxation of muscle tissue; and to temporarily increase local blood circulation where applied.

Rest assured that our devices are safe, non-invasive, thoroughly tested and approved. Look us up: FDA-Approval #K142256

Full Spectrum Light & Why It's Important

Many of today’s light therapy devices on the market offer light at a single wavelength – a one-size-fits-all approach, which as we know just doesn’t work for everyone.

Our highly programmable system allows us access to the full spectrum of red through infrared light. This is important because different parts of the body – skin, tissue, muscles, etc. – respond best to different wavelengths, as proven by countless research articles. Our device not only comes with these proven wavelengths as presets, but also allows us to manually input a frequency of red or infrared light between 1Hz and 20,000Hz.

Fully Programmable

Our system comes equipped with our very own operating system, LightOS™, which allows for easy selection of preset treatments (set with light wavelengths that are well-researched) as well as an option for custom treatments, allowing for frequencies between 1Hz and 20,000Hz.

As we are continually working on improving our system, we chose to create something easily upgradable. Clinics or other buyers can look forward to being able to receive updates when needed and patients can look forward to always receiving the best LightMD has to offer.

Denser Area of Light

The LightPads that are used emit light from hundreds of superluminous diodes per pad, providing a denser, richer area of light. Thanks to the high intensity SLDs, density, and coverage provides greater light absorption and efficiency.

Better Comfort

Our device comes equipped with our highly-flexible, patented LightPads™, which use a new type of flexible connector between sets of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) creating a grid-like structure inside the hygienic polymeric pad. This grid provides superior flexibility in multiple directions, which allows it to better contour around the body for greater comfort and coverage.

This new grid design also helps prevent LED failure that is common with phototherapy devices that see stress from continuous flexing with everyday use.

Backed By Research

Not only is phototherapy a well-documented topic, but each treatment selected and programmed into our device is backed by sound research. Only recently have we been able to bring phototherapy to a recognized status thanks to today’s technological advances.

For a look at some academic articles, see our research page.

“As a busy Family Practice M.D., of over 20 years, I am excited as to the many applications of LightMD’s Phototherapy System, that I have incorporated into my practice. The machine has been invaluable in expediting healing and well being of my patients for a myriad of appropriate health concerns. I would absolutely recommend this machine to all practitioners.”

David Cahn - Board Certified Family Practice, San Jose, CA

“LightMD’s PBM Therapy System has been a great addition to our office. We have been using it consistently in our office for almost 2 years. It paid for itself within 3 months. It is wonderful for reducing inflammation, increasing circulation and accelerating the healing process in many types of conditions. It is easy to apply, feels great and patients really enjoy receiving it. We highly recommend this technology for your office.”

Drs. Ron & Heather Andelora - Tucson, AZ