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LightMD Fireside Chat @HEaLConf2023

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Join us on an inspirational journey with LightMD’s Richard K Williams (CEO, CSO) and Brooke McKeever (Director of Providers Services). Learn about the path that has led each of them to a passion for helping others in the healthcare and wellness industry.

Their discussion will cover the incredible benefits of LightMD’s system in combating infectious diseases and COVID-19, as reported by doctors and users. We are excited to share with you inspiring case studies and the impact that photobiomodulation (PBM) has had on patients in the management and containment of various illnesses.

Whether you are looking for pain relief for yourself, or looking to help others, or simply want to learn about the remarkable progress being made in the field of PBM therapy, then don’t miss out on this incredible fireside chat.

Video: Fireside Chat – The Role of Photobiomodulation in the Management and Containment of Infectious Diseases
Speakers: Richard K Williams, LightMD Inc. CEO, CSO and Brooke McKeever, Director of Providers Services

Play Video about Richard and Brook sit at a black panel table in front of a projector screen. Richard is speaking into a microphone mid-speech.