Mark II Basic

The Mark II Basic is designed for physicians, clinics, PT & rehab, athletics, trainers, super-users.

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What is included in every PBM therapy system

Image of the Mark II fully set up. It includes a PBM Controller (dual channel & AC-powered, Red & NIR LED LightPads (two sets of three pads), LCD touchscreen (Hierarchical menu to software algorithms), and 2m connection cables.

Optional Add-Ons

Different Color LightPad Options

Red & NIR LED Neck LightPad

Silicone Pad Covers

Travel Roller Bag

Chart comparing the different models
Chart comparing the different models

Note: The Mark II Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBT) System is FDA approved for medical therapeutic use. Pursuant to applicable government regulations, only physicians and certified medical personnel are authorized to treat medical conditions of patients. The Mark II may be used for non-medical purposes relieving pain or promoting wellness.

How Do I Order?

To order, get a quote, or for more information please contact your LightMD representative or email us inquires at [email protected].