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Keynote Session with Richard K Williams @HEaLConf2023

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A journey to wellness is often one that requires us to not only embrace healthy eating habits and exercise, but it also opens our eyes to new, innovative ways to care for ourselves. One such way is through the use of light.

The role of light in healthcare – or in this case photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy – is demonstrated by LightMD’s CEO, Richard K Williams, in his Keynote Speech at the 2023 HEaL Conference. In this video, whole-organ PBM therapy is introduced as an effective, non-invasive tool that is transforming current therapeutic options available in modern healthcare. Richard K Williams’ speech showcases the science behind LightMD’s PBM therapy and real case studies on its effects on the body.

Video: Whole Organ Photobiomodulation – State-of-the-Art Non-invasive Modality Transforms Therapeutic Options in Modern Healthcare
Speaker: Richard K Williams, LightMD Inc. CEO, CSO

Play Video about Richard K Williams stands at the podium in front of a green velvet curtain. His hands are gesturing slightly and mouth positioned in mid-speech.